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Technology Services 

Leverage on-demand access to conseri’s deep network of technical talent to close skills gaps, accelerate innovation, mitigate risk and maximize ROI.

Change is inevitable in business. Operating a successful organization in today's climate has accelerated the demand for companies to be adaptable, nimble, and forward thinking. We can help you harness the power of technology and accelerate your transformation initiatives. 



Success in today's approach to Application Engineering combines scalability, automation, modern technology and platforms that integrate seamlessly within your environment.


Enhancing quality, accelerate velocity, and improve the customer/client experience, leveraging emerging and innovative trends across technology, and the components of cloud services, data, and ML&AI. 

Quantum Computing, Cross-Platform Development, Low-Code Development, Ethical and Sustainable Software Development, FinOps...Application Engineering is in a constant state of evolution. 

Talent is at the forefront of staying abreast and ahead of these trends, and to utilize the best engineering tools and approaches for your business, technology stack, and industry. 

Data, A.I. & Analytics

We specialize in constructing data teams.


Data Experts have extensive expertise engaging in domain-specific technologies. By engaging with Data Science and A.I. consultants, you gain access to niche skills and knowledge sans extensive training, ultimately streamlining project time efficiency. Our experts help clients in in the identification and realization of value across the full spectrum of data initiatives.


 The numbers don’t lie—Demand for Data Experts is higher than ever due to strategic prioritization of data initiatives and the scarcity of proven talent in market. Among 3000 data leaders, 45% of respondents listed a Talent and Skills shortage as their top impediment to accomplishing their Data Initiatives (Gartner). 

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Cloud Services

Your organization's cloud strategy is vital for your technology strategy around innovation, cost containment, agility, and performance. conseri will partner with you on your CloudOps refactoring journey focused on optimization, cloud management, performance, modernization, and efficiency. 


As cloud service models are extremely diverse, your cloud foundational strategy must not only incorporate what you need currently, but has to accommodate your future optimal state. Our focus is connecting your teams with analytics & cloud experts, specializing in all Cloud Service Provider platforms. 

TechOps & Project Governance

Improving project success rates, optimizing technology infrastructure, reducing downtime, and enhancing project governance processes are vital to any organization.

conseri develops a customized approach tailored to the specific needs and goals of our clients. This might involve implementing industry best practices, frameworks, and methodologies.


Our TechOps Consulting Services identifies areas for infrastructure optimization, adopting DevOps practices to streamline software development and deployment, and helps to implement automation solutions to reduce manual intervention and increase efficiency.


conseri's Project Governance solutions assist in prioritizing and managing project portfolios to align with strategic goals, implement project management frameworks, develop risk assessment and mitigation strategies for organizations and ensure that projects meet quality standards and deliver as expected.

Encouraging an ongoing culture of continuous improvement within your organization fosters the adaptation to changing technology and governance needs.


Our cybersecurity experience and in-depth industry expertise allow us to partner with clients to help protect your organization as as it transforms. While the cybersecurity workforce is growing rapidly, demand continues to far exceed the available supply of talent. 

The (ISC) Cybersecurity Workforce Study(2022) states that 70% of organization do not have enough cybersecurity staff to be effective and over half believe that staff deficits put their organization at risk of cyberattack.

From cyber security and risk strategy to compliance and cyber threat management/protection - our experts bring experience that will enhance your overall enterprise cyber resiliency.


conseri can help you develop innovative cybersecurity solutions - leverage our SME's and experts to protect your business end-to-end.


Operational transformation is typically driven by regulatory demand, process improvement,  technology implementation and integration, change management, cost reduction, or performance measurement. conseri aids in aligning the optimization efforts with the overall strategic goals of the organization. This includes ensuring that the changes support the company’s long-term objectives and market position. 

Our Business Transformation Leaders come from a variety of backgrounds, including management consulting, finance, operations, technology, and more. Their role is to provide an external and objective perspective to identify challenges and propose solutions that internal teams might overlook due to their close involvement with day-to-day operations. 


Implementing new processes or technologies often requires changes in the way employees work. conseri can help manage these changes to ensure smooth transitions and minimal disruption to operations.

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