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Solutions Built on Talent

conseri delivers experts with industry-specific knowledge who help organizations adapt to the rapidly changing and innovative business landscape. By leveraging dynamic and innovative technology, we help clients looking to improve their performance, competitiveness, and overall success.

 Our Technology Experts and Solutions Services work harmoniously together, but also function perfectly standalone. With our Flexible Consumption Model, choose from individualized services, or opt for a highly customized package.


Talent Solutions

Expand the capacity of your team with specific domain knowledge and skills to accelerate your technology initiatives and ensure that your team successfully executes on the most important enterprise technology initiatives. conseri's consultants make an impact and bring precise skills and experience to the table. 

We understand that the value of successful technology initiatives extends beyond the technical realm. Our team consists of individuals who not only excel in their respective disciplines but also comprehend the broader context, implications, and strategic importance of their work. We are committed to providing talent that bridges the gap between technology and business outcomes.

Hybrid Services 

Leverage our network of domain specific and cross-functional experts into multiple engagements; working side-by-side with your teams to confidently scale and accelerate key technology initiatives. 

We are in the business of enabling organizations to harness the full potential of their technology experts. By connecting clients with the right talent, facilitating knowledge transfer, and promoting a culture of collaboration, we ensure that every organization can make the most of its internal and external experts in various disciplines.

We'll work with you to develop the right combination strategy, industry, and execution expertise to drive your transformation journey and accelerate outcomes.


Project Teams

Integrate self-contained pods of Experts in various disciplines into your workstreams to maximize collaboration and increase team velocity. conseri will manage pods to deliver at optimal levels. 

We formulate teams of experts who deliver solutions in-line with project plans and your desired deliverables and work product. Project teams are comprised of industry and technology experts who also uniquely impact existing team members with knowledge transfer and upskilling opportunities.  

Direct Placement

For nearly 25 years, our leadership has connected incredible talent to some of the best companies on the planet.


Hiring can be complex, and aside from the technical skills needed to to execute, we identify the best people to integrate into your existing teams. We excel at placing employees who will embrace and operate by your values. conseri can help.


Let Us Bridge the Gap

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